Produktionsstätte in China


Where are the products made?

We have different production facilities for different products.

Backpacks and a large part of our clothing are mainly produced in China. We have our own production facility there with highly qualified employees, with whom we have been working for a long time. Thanks to our flexible production, we can react very quickly and also manufacture small series.

We produce fleece parts in Lithuania, all T-shirts in Portugal. You can find out more about our production in Europe on our blog post. .

It is important to us that we have production facilities that offer very good working conditions, can produce in an environmentally friendly manner and offer short transport routes. For example, the fabric factory in Portugal, from which we get the fabric, is approx. 20 km from the sewing shop.

Besichtigung einer unserer Produktionsstätten in China

Where do the materials used come from?

We source many high-quality fabrics from Europe. Fleece materials come from Italy, fabrics for T-shirts from Portugal and the fabric for a new jacket for 2021 from Vorarlberg (→ Getzner Textil Bludenz). Regardless of where the fabric comes from, it must meet our strict requirements with regard to lightfastness and wash resistance and meet legal standards.

This is also carefully checked for the accessories (zippers, press studs ...).

It is important to us that the products are very durable - sustainability is very important to us. Many rucksacks and clothing items have been in use for many years. We are constantly researching new possibilities to design our products even better, without neglecting the environmental friendliness.

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