Isolation jacket


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  • Sale! Produktbild der Winterjacke und Wendejacke Vinson, in türkis

    Vinson lady (2019/20)

     90,00 VAT included.
  • Isolationsjacke in ocean. mit G-LOFT® Füllung

    Kibo lady

     179,90 VAT included.
  • Damen-Hybridjacke Thermo in rot für verschiedene Outdoor-Sportarten

    Thermo jacket lady

     139,90 VAT included.
  • Isolationsjacke, zum Wenden,

    Vinson lady

     239,90 VAT included.
  • Sale! Reduziert: Wendejacke Pole in der Farbe grün-schwarz

    Pole lady

     80,00 VAT included.
  • Isolationsjacke Manaslu in rot für Damen. Zum Skifahren und Skitouren geeignet.

    Manaslu lady

     179,90 VAT included.
  • Isolationsjacken für Damen. Zum Skifahren, Skitouren und andere Outdoor-Sportarten

    Makalu lady

     299,90 VAT included.
  • Sale! Leichte Isolationsjacke in Orange

    Lhotse lady

     60,00 VAT included.
  • Sale! Isolationsmantel für Damen mit G-Loft®-Füllung

    G-Loft Mantel

     120,00 VAT included.
  • Isolationsjacke Damen in Rot. Mit hochwertiger G-Loft-Füllung

    Everest lady

     169,90 VAT included.
  • Damen-Isolationsweste in grün

    Calanda lady

     139,90 VAT included.

Jackets for cold days

Here you will find jackets and coats with high-quality G-LOFT® or PrimaLoft® filling. This makes them particularly warm with minimal space consumption.

Special highlights are our two reversible jackets - Pole and Vinson. With these jackets, women do not have to choose black or colored, but have both in one.

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