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  • Atmungsaktive tecnostretch Jacke für Damen zum Wandern, Skitouren und Biken

    Galina lady

     119,90 VAT included.
  • Damen-Fleecejacke aus recycelter Wolle, Made in Europe.

    Laguz lady

     119,90 VAT included.
  • Fleecejacke Hergestellt in Europa für Damen Garnera in citronelle/gelb mit Anti-Pillingausrüstung

    Garnera lady

     99,90 VAT included.
  • Sale! Damen-Fleecejacke aus recyceltem Polyester und Merinowolle für Wanderungen, Skitouren...

    Valisera lady

     70,00 114,90 VAT included.
  • Sale! Damen-Hybridjacke Thermo in rot für verschiedene Outdoor-Sportarten

    Thermo jacket lady

    Original price was: € 139,90.Current price is: € 90,00. VAT included.
  • tecnostretch Nuptse in Ocean. Fleece mit Anti-Pilling-Ausrüstung

    Nuptse lady

     69,90 VAT included.
  • Sale! Fleecejacke Nepal in blau mit Anti-Pilling-Ausrüstung

    Nepal lady

    Original price was: € 159,90.Current price is: € 50,00. VAT included.
  • Sale! Andromeda men Herren-Fleecejacke in rot mit Anti-Pilling-Ausrüstung


    Original price was: € 109,90.Current price is: € 49,90. VAT included.
  • Damen Fleeceweste in schwarz mit Anti-Pilling-Ausrüstung

    Julie lady

     79,90 VAT included.
  • Damen-Fleecejacke in rot mit Anti-Pilling-Ausrüstung

    Andromeda lady

     99,90 VAT included.

Fleece jackets for women

Fleece is characterized by beeing cozy, easy to care and breathable. These jackets are guaranteed to keep you warm!

A disadvantage of fleece is that pilling can occur quickly. Pilling are small, matted fiber balls. This not only looks ugly, but also affects the insulation performance. That is why all of our fleece jackets have Anti-pilling-equipment.

In addition, all jackets are made from high-quality Pontetorto material from Italy.

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