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  • bikerucksack Motion. Mit Vollkontaktrücken schwarz

    Motion 12

     79,90 VAT included.
  • Race 10

     39,90 VAT included.
  • Bikerucksack Race 12 Vorderansicht in petrol. Entwickelt zum Wandern und für die Freizeit geeignet.

    Race 12

     44,90 VAT included.
  • Trailrunrucksack Trail8

    Trail 8 Trailrunrucksack

     89,90 VAT included.
  • Alpiner Skitourenrucksack in citronelle von Urban Rock mit Helmbefestigung

    Alpin 35

     129,90 VAT included.
  • Wander- und Trekkingrucksack Phantom Pro 70. Mit abnehmbaren Rucksack bzw. Daypack

    Phantom Pro 70

     149,90 VAT included.
  • Vorderansicht des Offroad 15 limited edition in Teal. Entwickelt zum Mountainbiken, geeignet zum Wandern und für die Freizeit.

    Offroad ltd ed

     49,90 VAT included.
  • Wanderrucksack für Wanderungen

    Outback 30

     74,90 VAT included.
  • Mountainbike-/Fahrradrucksack Offroad Air. Mit vorgespanntem Netzrücken

    Offroad 15 Air

     79,90 VAT included.
  • Wanderrucksack Peak in rost, zum wandern geeignet

    Peak 30

     79,90 VAT included.
  • Alpinrucksack Terra 35 , in Tuerkisblau

    Terra 30

     99,90 VAT included.
  • Sale! Produktbild des E-Bike Rucksackes Offroad 18e ceramic

    Offroad 18e

     60,00 VAT included.

The perfect backpack ...

... is there for everyone. Whether you prefer a pre-tensioned mesh back or a padded full contact back. Whether you need more or less volume. Whether you are taller and need more back length or less. In our range you are guaranteed to find a backpack that suits your needs.

A special feature of our backpacks is the hydration system holder. This is available in all of these models. This allows you to attach and use a hydration bladder quickly and easily.

In addition, a rain cover is integrated in all models except Race 10 and Offroad ltd ed. This way you can protect them from rain and they are waterproof.

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